Punjabi Sella Basmati Rice 5 Kg

High quality 1121 golden sella basmati rice, best for preparation of biryani. With sella basmati rice you can be sure rice grains will not break when mixing the layers of biryani.

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45,00 zł

Cooking Method Step 1: Soak SELLA Basmati rice for half an hour in water after washing it three times.
Step 2: Boil a pot of water.
Step 3: Add a teaspoon of salt (optional).
Step 4: Pour in rice and bring the water back up to a rolling boil.
Step 5: After about 10 minutes, test the rice. Chew a few grains. If it is soft / hard enough for you, drain the water immediately. If not, continue boiling and testing until it is.
Step 6: Drain the water. You can now serve and eat the rice straight away. If you are keeping the rice for later, drain away the hot cooking water and replace it with cold tap water to stop the rice cooking further. Drain and repeat once more. When you want to eat the rice, either microwave it or pour over boiling water, drain and serve.
The beauty about SELLA Basmati rice is that once it is cooked the elongated grain, which by now has doubled in length, stays in tact instead of breaking apart like regular, non-SELLA rice.