Shan Special Bombay Biryani Masala 60g

Meat & Potato Layered Pilaf 

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6,00 zł

Steps of cooking:

1. Heat 1 cup (175ml) of cooking oil and fry 3 medium (300g) finely sliced onions until golden. Add 3-4 medium (300g) diced tomatoes and fry until the oil separates.
2. Add 1 kg meat with bones cut into small portions (Chicken/Beef/Lamb), 2 tbsp garlic paste, 2 tbsp ginger paste, 1 cup (200g) plain, whipped yoghurt, 2 medium potatoes (250g- peeled&quartered) and 1 packet Shan Bombay Biryani (dissolved in 1/2cup water). Stir fry for 10 min. Add water (Beef/Lamb 4 cups - Chicken 2 cups). Cover and cook on low heat and stiry-fry until the oil separates from the gravy.
3. Separately: Wash 3&1/2 cups (750g) of Basmati Rice and let it soak. Boil 15 cups (3 liters) of water and stir in 3 tbsp Salt and the soaked rice. Boil the rice until 3/4 cooked. Remove and drain thoroughly.
4.Spread half the rice in a pot and pour the meat curry over it. Top with the remaining rice. Cover and cook on low heat until the rice is fully cooked ( 5-10 minutes). Mix before serving.