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    Chilli powder is a great product used in many cultural dishes. It can be used modestly to flavour soups, casseroles, seasonings, roast vegetables, pasta dishes and other sauces. Alternatively, the chilli powder makes a good base for curries and stir-fries when mixed with other interesting ingredients such as ginger, lemon, onion, herbs, garlic and coconut.

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    The oil can be used on the scalp and for body massage. It improves blood circulation, warms and nourishes. It absorbs quickly and moisturizes the skin well.

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    Brown chickpeas cooked in brine

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    Charmagaz or dried melon seeds lend richness to curries when used as a paste and add a nutty crunch to sweets when used whole. The seeds are popularly used in halwas, fruit and vegetable salads, cereals etc.

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    Fine Cornmeal is made from Maize which has been hygienically milled and cleaned. Use it to make a variety of exotic breads and other things. Free from gluten, fine Cornmeal can be used in controlled Diets. 

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    The unique nutty flavor of Pistachios, excellent nutritional value and impressive versatility, Pistachios have a wide range of culinary possibilities. From snacks and salad toppings to ice cream and other sweets like halva.

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    Whole jeera (Kumin seeds)

    40,00 zł
Showing 97 - 103 of 103 items