Shanta Gol Gappa Round Khakhra 200g


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  • A healthy replacement for fried namkeen snacks Khakhras is the perfect waist-friendly high protein, low-calorie snack. Khakras are delicious, mostly fat-free, and protein-rich too, all of which make it the best food to eat on a diet ever!
  • Ready-to-eat whole wheat snack which goes very well with ghee/butter, chutney, cheese, jam, pickles, and yogurt. Not only do they beat those cravings, but also easy to carry anywhere making it most desirable portable Indian Snack
  • Travel-friendly pocket-sized khakhras made of whole wheat. Roasted in ghee.
  • Vacuum Packed snacks to Retain the Freshness of the Khakhra and Prevent damage in transit
  • Tasteful healthy Crispy Khakra made of Whole Wheat Flour & Refined Sunflower Oil which is a Perfect Healthy Snacks option.

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