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Aachi Chicken 65 Masala is a specially formulated spice blend designed to simplify the preparation of the popular South Indian dish, Chicken 65. This spice mix captures the bold, spicy, and flavorful essence that characterizes this much-loved and fiery chicken appetizer.
Aachi Chicken 65 Masala combines a carefully selected mix of spices, including red chili, curry leaves, and garlic, to deliver the spicy kick and bold flavor profile associated with Chicken 65.This masala mix is known for its ability to infuse your chicken with intense heat and a burst of robust flavors.Aachi’s pre-mixed spice blend simplifies the process of preparing Chicken 65, making it an excellent choice for those who crave spicy and flavorful dishes.It is dedicated to preserving the traditional flavors of Indian dishes, ensuring your Chicken 65 is true to its regional roots.

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