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Ashwin Pharma Castor Oil is a natural, organic carrier oil from the Indus Valley is unrefined, pure castor oil. It does not contain any chemicals or synthetic preservatives. It helps the skin to obtain optimal nourishment from the deepest layer of the skin and has an anti-aging effect. Supports natural hair growth and ensures the highest shine. Pure Indus Valley Castor Oil is based on the idea of ​​an Ayurvedic formula that comprehensively nourishes the hair, cleanses the skin and moisturizes chapped lips. Eliminates dry hair and itchy scalp for silky soft, thick and nourished hair. Natural castor oil eliminates acne, blemishes, is good for sunbathing, providing a smooth, radiant texture and stain-free skin.


Castor oil and its derivatives are used in the production of soaps, lubricants, hydraulic and brake fluids, paints, printing inks, cold-resistant plastics, waxes and pastes, nylon, pharmaceuticals and perfumes. In addition, it is used as a plasticizer in nitrocellulose varnishes, in the production of ointments, creams, detergents, dyes and moisturizers.

Food industry:

In the food industry, castor oil (edible) is used as an additive to food, flavorings and confectionery (e.g., polyglycerol polyricinoleate in chocolate) as a mold inhibitor in the package. Polyoxyethylene castor oil is also used in the food industry. In India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh, food grains are preserved through the use of castor oil. Keeps rice, wheat and legumes from spoiling. For example, Indian nickel (Hindi toor dal) is commonly available coated with oil for increased shelf life.


It has been used as oil since ancient times and is also used in veterinary medicine. Asian Food and Drug Administration (FDA) titled “Generally Known as Safe and Effective” for use without an administrative purgative with an initial stage of action in the intestine where ricinoleic acid is digested.

Castor oil provides nourishment and skin to the hair, as well as:

-Soothes sunburn, cork, pimples and reduces infections and redness.

– Moisturizes the skin.

-Reduces eye puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

-Fight structure, has strong antibacterial properties.

-It brightens dark spots and reduces dullness.

-It strengthens the hair, health of each strand, provides thick and healthy hair.

-Reduces scars and stretch marks.

-Provides healthy nails, moisturizes chapped lips.

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