Detoll Skincare Soap Moisturizing With Argan -75g


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Skin is our first line of defence from any kind of infection and disease. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your skin clean and moisturised. Dettol skincare soap gives 99.99% protection against different illness-causing germs and bacteria. It keeps the skin healthy. This soap contains ingredients like menthol and glycerine. While menthol gives freshness to the skin, Argan moisturises the skin and makes the skin healthy. The trusted germ-protection formula of Dettol soap acts as a barrier between your skin and a wide range of unseen germs.

It keeps the skin softer, smooth and healthy every day.
The soap gives protection against everyday germs causing skin infections and respiratory problems.
Dettol soap has anti-bacterial properties.
It gives better protection from germs than ordinary soaps.
Keeps the body refreshed for the whole day.

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