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This is a delicious Indian snack that can be stuffed with boondi balls, added mango sauce and dipped in tamarind water. The best fun is when you try to eat them whole!

Haldiram’s Pani Puri Pack makes life easy and enjoyable for all chaat lovers.


  • Pani Puri Water: Add 900 ml of water to the Pani Puri paste sachet (you can also dilute it as needed).
  • Boondi: Soak the boondi balls in lukewarm water for 2 minutes. Squeeze out excess water slightly.


  • Pani Puri: Place Pani Puri (fried pastries made of groats and flour) in a large dish and make a small hole in each of them. Fill each pani puri 1/4 full with mango chutney and soaked boondi. Fill them with tamarind water to taste. Serve immediately.

You can also add chopped, boiled potatoes and cooked chickpeas, chopped red onion and fresh coriander leaves to pani puri.

Pani Puri: semolina (15%), whole grain flour (6%) and palmolein

Sweet mango sauce: sugar (21%), mango powder, red chilly powder, salt, dry ginger powder, black pepper, cardamom powder, nutmeg and mace

Tamarind Water Pani Puri : Tamarind Paste, Mint Paste, Coriander Paste, Salt and Cumin Powder

Boondi: chickpea flour (6%), refined peanut oil, salt and turmeric powder.

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