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Juwar flour is made from Juwar grains, White Millet. Juwar flour is creamish white in colour, is usually combined with wheat flour and Bajra flour for making flat-breads like bhakari, thepla and khakhra.
Juwar flour is also known as Juar, Juwar, Jowar (Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi), Jola (Kannada), Cholam (Malayalam, Tamil), Jwari (Marathi), Janha (Oriya), Jonnalu (Telugu), Other names: Milo, Chari, White Millet
Juwari ki roti, or flat bread made of Juwari is a very popular rustic dish is used in variety of dishes like Juwari bhajji (fritters), juwari vada, Juwari upma, dosa and idli.

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