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Mug dal (Bengali, Marathi), Mung dal (Hindi, Marathi), Hesare kalu (Kannada), Kuang (Kashmiri), Cheru payaru (Malayalam), Muga (Oriya), Moongi (Punjabi), Pasipayir (Tamil), Pesalu (Telugu)

Moong dal without skin is split moong dal after removing skin. Heera Moong Dal Split (without skin) is yellow in colour, quick-cooking and relatively easy to digest. Split moong dal is also known as Moong Dal washed. In India, moong dal is very commonly used in a variety of dishes ranging from dal and khichdi to kheer and halwa. Soaked moong dal split without skin is used to make a south Indian salad called kosmalli.

Moong Dal is one of the most cherished foods in Ayurveda. It is very nourishing and easy to digest and a great source of protein. Split moong dal without skin, being easily digestible, is recommended for children. Since, Moong Da has a mild taste, tadka (seasoning) is added to enhance the flavor of the Moong Dal preparation.

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