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Panch Phoron , also called the Five Spices, is a popular Bengali (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh), five-ingredient spice blend consisting of fenugreek, dill, black cumin, cumin and black mustard seeds.

Panch Phoron  is a colorful mixture of seeds: green – dill, black – black mustard and black cumin, golden – fenugreek, beige – cumin. Sometimes dill is replaced with anise, and instead of cumin, wild mustard is sometimes added. Generally, the ingredients are added in equal proportions, although this may vary depending on the taste we want to achieve.

Panch phoron  is usually fried in oil or  ghee (a type of clarified butter) , which releases the aroma of the oils contained in the seeds. The mixture adds sweetness and perfectly enhances the taste of vegetables, beef, fish or lentil-based dishes.

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