Hemani Lemon Oil 30ml


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It has many uses, ranging from, aromatic, to cosmetic. It is especially popular in aromatherapy and is used during massages to relax the body. Small amounts are found in many acne remedies. We can also disinfect wounds and disinfect the room with lemon oil.

Natural lemon oil:

It has a refreshing, disinfecting, bactericidal and toning effect. It soothes and relieves nervous tension. Helpful in inflammation of the skin and varicose veins. In cosmetics, it is used for skin care as a mild bleach. When used systematically, it causes dullness and whitening of the skin, especially on the neck, in the fight against freckles. It has astringent properties and has a good effect on oily skin. It is a valuable remedy for pimples and pimples. It is used in the treatment of corns and warts. To do this, apply undiluted lemon oil to the wart every day until it heals, taking care not to burn healthy skin. During the day, the treated blister or wart should be covered with a plaster, and left uncovered at night. The oil oxidizes easily, so we recommend that you store it in tightly closed bottles in a cool place.

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