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Hemani mustard oil comes from the finest mustard seeds and is available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Perfect for adding spice to dishes or applying topically to the skin to enhance its natural beauty.

Additionally, mustard oil was appreciated for its beneficial effects on health. It can aid digestion, improve skin and hair health, and reduce body discomfort. Our mustard oil has a distinctive character and does not contain any additives or preservatives, making it safe and gentle for all skin types. It’s a versatile oil that can be used for everything from frying bananas to massaging sore muscles after a workout. Whether you want to add some spice to your kitchen or give your skin and hair a natural boost of energy, mustard oil will be the best choice for you. Alternative use: It can be sprinkled on salads, added to drinks: cocktails, water, coffee, tea, juice or it can be used as cooking oil. It can also be used externally, directly on the skin. How to use: Externally: The oils can be used topically, such as massage oils or hair oils, or you can prepare your own mixture and use it for aromatherapy. Internally: – Take after a meal, not on an empty stomach. Take up to 1/2-1 teaspoon twice daily. It can be digested orally as is, or it can be mixed with food, smoothies or drinks to make it more palatable.

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