Hemani Oudh Bakhoor Chocolate bakhoor -40g


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Hemani Bakhoor Oudh is an excellent quality and value bakhoor, comes in tablet form, and is easily broken up into powder.

Bakhoor is the name given to woodchips soaked in fragrant oils.

Hemani Bakhoors are Arabic incense sticks in a round shape. They provide the highest peace and sense of relaxation, and their aromatic scent fills the air. All you need to do is light a piece of coal and place it on the incense burner. Add some Bakhoor to the burning coal and let it fill your home, office or any space with its oriental aroma. Chocolate Oudh – Has a strong scent of soft Arabic Oudh with a chocolate note.

✅PERFECT AS PRESENTS: Hemani Bakhoor Chocolate Perfume are traditional Arab wooden chips perfume that can be found in every household but it’s on you to choose from a variety and give the perfect present to your friends, family, or relatives.
✅HOW TO USE: First Heat up your Bakhoor Burner, and place bakhoor perfume in it. And let it burn for 45 – 60 mins. Enjoy sweet chocolaty fragrance.

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