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Everyone knows that Herr’s crisps are made of cheddar cheese. But this time the rules have been broken to provide a new snack. Buffalo Blue Cheese is a combination of classic Hotwing sauce with spicy blue cheese – it creates the perfect balance between spicy and delicious. You will love this new taste.

The crisps are baked, not fried, so they are light and fluffy. Each bite releases an explosion of flavor that makes it absolutely delicious 😉

Ingredients: corn grits, sunflower oil, flavor mixture [maltodextrin, salt, whey (milk), full-fat milk, aromas, cheese powder 1.1% (milk), palm fat (milk protein, glucose syrup), palm oil, cheese 0.6% (milk), flavor enhancers: E621, E635), onion and garlic powder, sugar, reg. acidity: lactic acid, citric acid; spice extract, dyes: paprika extract, carotenes], bamboo fiber.

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