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Himalaya Herbals Complete Care is a herbal tooth and gum paste with a protective effect, created for people looking for natural solutions to care for their oral health. The paste has a gray (earthy) color and a pleasant, refreshing scent. By combining traditional Ayurvedic ingredients with modern technology, the paste provides comprehensive protection of teeth and gums.

Antibacterial protection against caries
Support for gum health
Removing discolorations and stains
Prevention of dental plaque formation
Long-lasting feeling of freshness
Himalaya Herbals Complete Care has been carefully composed on the basis of natural plant extracts that have been valued in traditional Indian medicine for hundreds of years. Neem stands out among them, a neem with strong antibacterial properties that protect against oral diseases. The action of Neem is complemented by pomegranate, known for its protective properties for gums and its astringent properties. The accompanying Miswak takes care of the health of the gums, reducing the risk of bleeding. However, the real secret of the paste are the herbs Triphala and Babool. These special herbal compositions have a positive effect on the condition of teeth and gums, creating an effective protective barrier.

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