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The antistress, adaptogenic properties of Geriforte support cellular regeneration and repair. Geriforte helps delay the physiological changes associated with aging. It facilitates respiratory functions, improves circulatation and supports normal lipid levels. Geriforte supports fat and carbohydrate metabolism and improves appetite, digestion and assimilation. It rejuvenates the entire body system.

Acting general strengthening of the body, rejuvenate body and spirit. Support functions of all systems and organs of the body. Provides many minerals and vitamins in natural form, remember to slow degenerative changes and stimulate cell regeneration, which generally decreases with age, contributing to the slowdown of the physiological changes that occur in the body with advancing years, supports the use of hormones, increasing amount in tissues of free hormone, without affecting the overall hormonal level. This is one of the ways by which GERIFORTE influence climacteric symptoms in both men and women, helps improve heart function and blood circulation and contributes to the reduction of elevated serum cholesterol and triglycerides. Thus GERIFORTE reduces the risk of developing atherosclerosis, favorably affect appetite, digestion and absorption of food substances, while supporting the exchange of fats and carbohydrates, helps to restore the reduced sexual function, increases muscle tone and slows nursing skin changes and mucous membranes, stimulating cell regeneration, has a beneficial effect on mental state, it helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and tension and sleep consolidation supports recovery from serious illness or after sustained operation supports the bone healing in bone fractures, assist increase physical capacity and mental performance, helps improve the immune system, helps to eliminate pain in different parts of the body are more prevalent with age.

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