Jivraj Samaara Masala Black Tea -200g (100 sachets)


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Samara Tea – Strong aroma with a rich and malty taste. Enjoy the rich taste of Samaara black tea. Straight from the tea gardens of Assam, with the goodness of nature and a taste like no other, we present you premium tea. Carefully picked tea is the perfect start to every new day. Good quality tea leaves, magnetic aroma and strong taste distinguish this tea.

SAMAARA TEA – The highest quality teas that will surely stimulate your taste buds. Owned by Jivraj Tea International Private Limited, Samaara exports the finest Assam tea blends to over 25 countries around the world. Initially started in South Gujarat, India, Samaara slowly spread its wings and now reaches all over the world selling its unique, strong and aromatic tea blends. The quality and taste of Samaara teas is unrivaled. This is a real and unique tea also for connoisseurs.

Samara Tea – A tea with a rich flavor thanks to its abundance of antioxidants, the taste of this product leaves a tantalizing aftertaste on the taste buds. Strong aroma with a rich and malty taste.

Assam tea – Very strong black tea with a malty character. Assam is the second very famous Indian black tea, like Darjeeling, grown in northeastern India, but grown in lowland areas and made from the large-leaf variety of Camellia assamica. High-quality Assam teas, with a high content of young buds, can offer a very rich flavor. Assam tea is great for serving with milk, as a base for masala chai Indian tea with spices.

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