Metromilan Strawberry Incense Sticks -20pcs


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Nature has endowed each fruit with its own color, texture and taste. In addition, it creates a quiet aura of taste and smell around itself that is unique to it. Without touching it, you could smell the melon with your eyes closed. The pleasantly appetizing scent of fruit draws you closer. It stimulates, tempts, tickles the spirit and appeals to the senses.

Metromilan Fruit Batti offers a set of the best, popular fruits in the world – cherry, mango, melon, peach, pineapple and strawberry. Individual incense sticks gently disperse the particular aroma of individual fruits, which perfectly complement dining rooms, gourmet restaurants and restaurants.

We also have Metromilan Mix Fruit Batti, which represents a basket full of fruity sensations, an inviting abundance of fresh fruit aromas.

STRAWBERRY is pure delight, whether in ice cream with a hint of vanilla, in a shake or cocktail, or simply eaten raw. Juicy, pulpy and sweet, with a slight hint of sourness, makes the strawberry one of the most beloved fruits in the world… In the Metromilan Strawberry incense stick, the mild flavor lingers for you to enjoy.

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