Nongshim Shin Red Super Spicy Noodle -120g


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Nongshim’s Shin Red Super Spicy is the perfect effortless snack for those looking to add a punch of flavor to their day. Drawing its roots from South Korea, this stimulating and spicy instant noodle product packs a punch with a spiciness level of 4.

This portable single serving comes with a special blend of noodles made from freshly harvested ingredients making this snack conveniently easy to enjoy anytime and anywhere. Take your taste buds on an exciting journey with its distinctive flavor, filled with rich aroma and appetizing spiciness. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind product which has captivated all eyes worldwide with no time needed for preparation, just add hot water and it’ll be ready within minutes.

Take advantage of this eye-catching opportunity right now; get that intense depth of spiciness without any artificial flavors or colors! Noodles have never tasted so good – challenge yourself today by conquering Shin Red Super Spicy.

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