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Pran Group is one of the largest and most recognizable food companies in Bangladesh. Pran is a well-known manufacturer of various foods, beverages, snacks and food products, enjoying recognition in both the domestic and international markets.

BBQ Chanachur is a mood-boosting snack with lots of spicy BBQ-style ingredients. Chanachur by Pran is perfect for traveling or meeting friends.

The Chanachur BBQ snack is not only a source of unique flavors, but also a perfect companion for social gatherings or moments of relaxation. The elegant packaging is an authentic feast for the senses, which emphasizes the high quality of the Pran brand and the concern for the satisfaction of every gourmet.

Enjoy the moment and indulge in a taste adventure with BBQ Chanachur Pran – a snack that will conquer your palate and discover the world of oriental flavors.

Ingredients: chickpea flour, peanuts, crushed chickpeas, flattened rice, palm oil, salt, sugar, flavor enhancer (citric acid: E330, malic acid: E296), powdered spices (turmeric, cinnamon, onion, garlic, cumin, red chili), paprika), artificial flavor (Bar-B-Que).

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