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Fried onions  have a wonderful property with their  crunchiness ,  frying aromas  and their  uniquely delicious taste that  almost  every dish tastes. Crispy onion  simply belongs to many popular dishes as  an essential ingredient . Since the need for an appetizing addition in particular often arises when serving, if you don’t want to start another pan first, you should always have some  fried onions at home . The solution is  fried onions from Sandra , which are not only  delicious , but also  made from ingredients without preservatives.

Fried onion  is an effective  flavor enhancer  and finds its place in numerous recipes. Basically,  you can sprinkle them everywhere , on potatoes, casseroles, pasta, salads, even the spread can be effortlessly seasoned with crispy fried onions.  Fried onions are the real secret ingredient.

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