Shan Mace (Javentry) 50g


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There are several important herbs and plants that nature has endowed with man. One such boon is nutmeg. The nutmeg flower is the aril of nutmeg, which is between the stone and the flesh. The nutmeg flower itself has a very strong aroma. The taste is spicy, sweet and bitter, and slightly spicy. A bit softer and more delicate than the knob itself. Known for its medicinal and culinary properties, it is used in many cuisines of the world.

Used for soups, pastries, meats, and vegetables.

The mace flower is highly nutritious and rich in protein and fiber.

It is believed to relieve pain in joints and muscles. Thanks to its ability to fight inflammation, it is a hope for arthritis and rheumatism sufferers. In Chinese medicine, mace plays an important role in relieving stomach pain. Benefits are also seen in treating infections and kidney disease, and even removing stones from the kidneys.

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