Telugu Foods Chekodilu Peri Peri Flavored -170g


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Peri Peri Chekodilu from the Go Within series is a snack that attracts attention with its unique combination of tradition and modern taste. These are crispy discs that offer an intense and spicy taste experience, inspired by the peri peri spice.

The main ingredient of Peri Peri Chekodilu are carefully selected rice and chickpea flours, which are formed into circles and then gently fried to obtain a crispy texture. Swetha Telugu Foods ensures that each piece is prepared with attention to quality, maintaining the authenticity of taste.

The taste of Peri Peri Chekodil is a real explosion of spices. The snack is spicy thanks to peri peri, which gives it a spicy and distinctive flavor. This is a perfect choice for lovers of spicy snacks who want a bold taste.

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