Zauk 1121 Supreme Basmati Rice


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Extra Long Grain

Traditional Taste

Naturally Aromatic

Sorted Quality

Best for dishes like biryani and Pulao

Basmati Rice is the Queen of rice and is widely known for its aroma and long grain. The word “basmati “ literally translates to the queen of aroma. This rice is only found in the fertile lands of the Indian Subcontinent including India, Pakistan and the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal. Cultivated all around the Indus river, Basmati rice is harvested, polished, steamed and then aged for a period of atleast two years to harvest its unique properties.
At Zauk, we use a high yielding grain to provide you with extra long rice grains and an unprecedented aroma. We sort out broken grains so the rice is not sticky and does not release starch while cooking.

Our rice is completely gluten free and a class of its own. It can be used for making biryani, pilau and many amazing rice dishes. Zauk basmati rice gives you new experience with each grain of rice completely separate and the aroma pulls you towards it.

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