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Zauk Super Kernal Basmati Rice is the queen of rice, widely known for its aroma and long grain. The word “basmati” literally means queen of aroma. There are many types of Basmati rice, but the best Basmati is grown in Pakistan, no other rice in the world combines unrivaled flavor and grain elongation by half when cooked.


Soak in cold water for 30 minutes.

Open pan: Boil water, add rice, stirring gently. Cook over medium heat until the rice is tender. Drain excess water.

Best before 10/2026

The packaging for all Ryz Basmati from Zauk is very ecological.

Buy now and enjoy the best taste of Premium Zauk Rice.

This variant of Rice is most often purchased by restaurants and caterers because it is a very strong, easy-to-prepare basmati rice that has very long grains, very good flavor, and does not break easily.

At Zauk, we use high-yield grains to ensure extra-long rice grains and a unique aroma. The grains are properly sorted so that the rice is not sticky and does not release starch during cooking. Our rice is completely gluten-free and is in a class of its own. It can be used to make biryani, pilau, and many amazing rice dishes.

Zauk Basmati Rice gives you a new experience as each grain of rice is completely separated and the aroma attracts you.

The most famous feature of Pakistani rice is that it does not contain a harmful preservative called aflatoxin. The entire range of ZAUK rice has been tested and proven to be free of aflatoxins.

Basmati rice is unique among other aromatic long-grain rice varieties for its delicious taste, superior aroma, and distinct flavor

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