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Immerse your space in the captivating scent of Zed Black Premium 3 in 1 incense sticks, a unique blend that provides a harmonious symphony of three captivating scents. Made with precision and care, these agarbatis create an atmosphere of peace, spirituality and freshness. Raise the level of your spiritual practices, meditation or simply enjoy a moment of relaxation with the captivating aromas of Premium Zed Black 3 in 1 incense sticks.

Key Features:

Three-in-one fragrance: Experience the beauty of three different scents harmoniously combined in one incense stick.

Premium Quality: Zed Black ensures the use of high-quality ingredients, creating incense sticks that burn evenly and release a long-lasting fragrance.

Peaceful atmosphere: Transform your living space into an oasis of peace, perfect for meditation, prayer or creating a peaceful environment.

Long-lasting aroma: Each incense stick burns slowly, so you can enjoy the captivating aroma for a longer time.

Versatile Use: Perfect for religious ceremonies, spiritual practices or simply adding elegance and fragrance to your home.

Thoughtful packaging: Incense sticks are carefully packaged to maintain freshness and fragrance until opening.

How to use:

Light the tip: Light the tip of the incense stick with a match or lighter.

Wait for the glowing embers: wait until the tip lights up, then gently blow out the flame.

Place in the holder: Place the incense stick in the incense stick holder or in a suitable container.

Enjoy the aroma: enjoy the wonderful scent that fills your space.

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