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Ragi flour is most commonly used in the southern parts of India. It is used to make Ragi Puttu, poti, paratha, oatmeal (a paste with water and ragi flour is cooked and then enriched with buttermilk and salt or milk and sugar), bhakri (a kind of flat bread is made from ragi flour). It can also replace other flours for other southern dishes such as Multiflour Idli and Nachni dosa.

Surprisingly, ragi flour is also used to make sweets. Classic sheera can be much healthier if made of ragi flour. Other sweets that can be Ragi Sheera, Nachni ladoo and Golpapdi.
Ragi is considered a super grain because it is very nutritious and therefore is used as a replacement for wheat flour. It is also used to prepare a range of healthy snacks, from Khakhras and Chaklis to Upma and Dosa.

Ragi does not contain gluten and can therefore be used in the daily diet for people intolerant to gluten.

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