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Jaggery is a very popular type of sugar/sweetener obtained from sugar cane in India. It is a raw, unrefined product obtained using traditional methods. Jaggery is produced by evaporating water (boiling in very large pans) from clear sugar cane juice until the desired sucrose content is obtained, approximately 65-75%. The paste is then cooled and divided into parts. During the production process, molasses is not separated from sugar, which is responsible for the content of minerals and vitamins as well as its color and consistency. The most common are honey-brown lumps or cubes. They come in two forms: one, soft with the consistency of honey, and the other, solid and brittle. In the first version, it can be used as a spread for bread, in the second – as a sweetener for cakes, desserts, tea and coffee.

Sugar in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka is called jaggery or gur. It is sold in the form of blocks or cones and can have various colors from golden to dark brown.

It is made from the evaporation of sweet sugar cane juice or from the syrup flowing out after cutting the flowers of palm trees (usually date palm trees, less often coconut ones).

It is produced all over India in large factories and in the provinces. Jaggery has a sweet, winey taste and aroma that goes well with all types of dishes or as a sugar substitute for tea or coffee.

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