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The whole coriander seed is a commonly used spice around the world. Coriander seeds are small rounded and yellowish-brown in color with a longitudinal ridge in between two halves of a seed. Coriander seeds have a distinctive aroma of warm, nutty, spicy, and orange flavor. Coriander seeds are a key spice in Indian and
Middle Eastern cuisines. These seeds have a lemony citrus flavor when crushed. Coriander seeds are important ingredients of the spices used in almost all the
Indian cuisine. Coriander seeds are also used as a seasoning condiment. Roasted coriander seeds, also known as “dhania dal”, are eaten as a snack. Coriander adds flavor in pickling brines, sausages, hot dogs, pastries, cookies, and are often mixed with peppercorns as an aromatic seasoning. Crushed coriander has a
thickening property when added to sauces, such as Indian curries. Coriander is an ingredient in Indian Curry Powder, and Arabic baharat. It is especially popular as an ingredient in spice mixtures including curries and the popular Indian seasoning “ Garam Masala”. Coriander is also used in the making of tasty and spicy “ Chutneys
”. As a home medicine, coriander seeds are boiled with water and drunk as medicine for common colds.

TRS Whole Dhania (Coriander Seed) has a mild but very distinctive flavor, warm aroma with a sweet fruity and pungent flavor. Whole roasted Coriander is widely used in cooking. Coriander Powder is the main ingredient in most curry powders.
It was known that heals “smallpox”, and its healing properties were recorded in Sanskrit and Greek writings, coriander seeds have an impressive reputation for health.
It a very popular due to its anti-inflammatory properties, and is known for its ability to treat a long list of diseases such as smallpox, diarrhea, mouth ulcers, dyspepsia, menstrual disorders, food poisoning, conjunctivitis, skin diseases, abnormal blood sugar levels, problems with eyes, osteoporosis, arthritis, anemia, rheumatism, headaches, insomnia, muscle pain and general stiffness.

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