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Elaichi cardamom is commonly known as green cardamom or choti elaichi “in India, cardamom fruit is a small spindle-shaped seed pod with a triangular cross-section and a green outer shell with a black color inside. Green cardamom has a strong unique flavor and an intensely aromatic and resinous smell.
Green cardamom is widely used in the preparation of various Indian dishes. The cardamom flavor enhances both sweet and spicy foods. In India, cardamom is used in desserts such as ice cream (kulfi), rice, and various meat dishes. It is also added to tea and gives the tea its characteristic and unique aroma and taste, while in Arab countries it is used to brew coffee. In the Middle East, green ground cardamom is used as a spice in sweet and traditional dishes, and as an aroma in coffee and tea. The cardamom pods are ground together with the coffee beans to produce a powdered mixture of the unique coffee that is cooked together with water. In Europe, green cardamom is used in the preparation of many types of special bread and cakes. Green cardamom is used as a spice in dishes, drinks, and desserts. In South Asia, green cardamom is often used in traditional Indian sweets, and in Masala Chai tea, cardamom is sometimes used as an addition to dishes, sweet dishes, and desserts. Cardamom has a sweet eucalyptus scent.

Green cardamom is the world’s oldest spice with an amazing aroma and goes well with coffee and desserts. It speeds up the metabolism, cleanses toxins, and is helpful in relieving the symptoms of colds and flu. It has disinfecting and anti-inflammatory properties, inhibits the formation of tumors, prevents blood clotting, lowers blood pressure.

Green cardamom is an essential spice in biryanis, pulao, and most North Indian curries. Its sweet, pungent taste and strong aroma are used in many Indian sweets and salty dishes. It has a deeper, earthy flavor and nutty aroma and is mainly used in meat and vegetable dishes.

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